Σηκώστε τις δικές σας δόσεις και επαναφέρετε το φως στον κόσμο σας (βίντεο)

Written by Athena Bahri. Narrated by Marie T. Russell.

Έκδοση μόνο για ήχο

There are events in life that change the course of how we interact with others, view ourselves, carry out daily tasks, and communicate with loved ones. The Pandemic of XNUMX has certainly been a game changer! As the world emerges into the new “normal” many of us wonder what that will look like?

We’ve had an amazing silver lining to this storm cloud - the opportunity to pause and reflect, do the self-care practices many of us have put off for years, manifest and meditate, take our health into our own hands, and do some serious soul searching for our divine purpose in this life. With lockdowns and huge shifts to daily activities, we have had a chance to turn in and tune in to what drives our souls.

Suddenly the little things in life like looking up at the moon, taking long baths, clearing away clutter, journaling out our goals and wishes, and reconnecting with loved ones have captured our hearts. This change in focus has been long overdue and a welcome shift in the collective consciousness. All of these little things and the spotlight on health have allowed us to see and search for what we can do on our own time to raise our vibration and stay healthy.

We now know how stress releases hormones in the physical body, wreaking havoc on our energetic system. Imagine what positive thought can do for you emotionally, physically and spiritually? However you choose to begin your journey in healing, take your power back in a world seemingly gone mad. Learn how to shift your own energy and mindset to one of love, happiness, and vitality. With something as simple as a shift in vibration, you too will see your lessons as blessings.

Bringing Light Back to Your World

So, how do you see the Silver lining in the dark and bring that light back to your world? What better than...

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Μουσική από το συγκρότημα Caffeine Creek, Pixabay

Σχετικά με το Συγγραφέας

photo of Athena BahriAthena Bahri is the founder and creator of Crystal Reiki Healer, one of the fastest growing online presences for crystal and chakra education and Crystal Reiki healing. Hailing from a Hollywood dynasty - the niece of Rita Hayworth and cousin of Ginger Rogers and Donna Reed - Athena had a career as a successful actress (as Athena Cansino), before leaving her life of glamour and paparazzi to create a life of peace and energy healing. Today, she is a certified Reiki master, crystal Reiki master, chakra healer, and author, offering distance Reiki healing worldwide, leading retreats, clinics and workshops. 

To discover more about her, visit: CrystalReikiHealer.com

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